Knowledge Tests

You can test your knowledge of natural or technological hazards by answering to multiple choice questions (MCQ). Below you will find tests for different types of hazards: landslides, floods, radiological, chemical or dam failures.

If you click on the “Take Test” button, you will receive a set of MCQ on the selected subject.

There are four options for each question, with only one correct answer. Select your answer and go to "Next" question. After you answer all MCQs on the selected subject and click on the "Complete" button you will receive the result of the evaluation test. You can also recommend to your students or colleagues to take the test and check their knowledge.

Evaluation Name Correct points Incorrect points
Earthquakes 1 0 Take Test
Radiological Emergencies 1 0 Take Test
Dam Failures 1 0 Take Test
Chemical Emergencies 1 0 Take Test
Landslides 1 0 Take Test
Volcanic Eruptions 1 0 Take Test
Tsunami 1 0 Take Test
Avalanches 1 0 Take Test
Hurricanes and Storm Surges 1 0 Take Test
Sea Level Rise 1 0 Take Test
Drought and Desertification 1 0 Take Test
Landscape Fires 1 0 Take Test
Floods 1 0 Take Test
Pandemics 1 0 Take Test